Stand Number: I31-I35
Region: JEITA
PO Box: Lebanon
Tel.: +-9-238138
Fax: +--
Mobile: +961-3-091069
Email: marius_25@live.com
Website: www.williamcheese.com
Facebook: williamcheese
Stand Manager: MARIO MEDAWAR
William Cheese restaurant is part of Société William Cheese pour le Commerce sarl, which owns William Cheese Supermarket Kleait, William Cheese Restaurants Jeita & kleiat. Since 2002, Société William Cheese pour le Commerce sarl, provides high quality products, fresh ingredients and professional services at reasonable prices. our unique character, guaranteed cleanliness, impeccable quality and the same great service in all our outlets, has been approved by our loyal customers and made us the winner of Gold Certificate by the Ministry of Health in 2016. Our food truck meets the customers at their doors to serve them the best fast food in town Freshness and Quality are our Signature!