Festival Partner                                                         USD 16,500
Festival Supporter (accorded to 2 companies only)    USD 11,000
Workshop/Master class Sponsor                                 USD 6,600
Visitors bags branding
Make an impact the moment attendees arrive to the festival!
6000 visitor’s bags will be distributed to all visitors at the
festival’s entrance. Add your company logo to help direct attendees
to your stand. Price: USD 3,300 (including production)
VIP lounge
Grab the VIP’s attention to your concept, products and/or services
by sponsoring the VIP Lounge that welcome’s exhibitors and VIP
guests. Price: USD 3,300
Brochure distribution at the main entrance

Reach the visitors once they arrive by handing out your brochures
or flyers at main the entrance. Limited to three companies only.
Price: USD 1,100 (3 days) (excluding logistics expenses)
Banner at entrance

Capture the visitor’s attention the minute they reach the festival
by prominently displaying your company’s logo and stand number.
Banner size: To be advised. Price: USD 2,750
Live mascot circulating in the festival aisles
Make sure that your message gets around! The exhibition aisles
promotional staff can draw visitor’s attention and generate traffic
at your stand. Limited to 3 companies per day only.
Price: USD 550/day
Shuttle carts
To increase your visibility display your company’s logo or visual
and stand number on the shuttle cart provided for transporting
attendees and exhibitors to and from parking areas to the main
entrance. Price: USD 2,200/cart (3 days)
Banner on website
Feature your banner prior to the show to promote your business
with a direct link to your homepage.
Price: USD 2,000
Side banner on website

Feature your side banner prior to the show, to promote your
business with a direct link to your website. Price: USD 1,100
Special taste & flavors magazine Beirut cooking festival issue
Promote your brand, product or services by booking your page now!
Distributed to all visitors during the exhibition in addition to local
bookshop and subscribers.
1/4 page USD 1,090
1/2 page USD 1,575
1 page USD 2,475

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